MD-S281 Rotary 330° Bluetooth digital pressure gauge

Short Description:

The product is beautiful, the whole shell is covered with plastic, and the hand feels delicate

Large LCD screen, support multiple unit switching

Support reset, backlight, power on and off, Bluetooth connection, multiple functions Low power consumption design, 2 AA batteries, battery life 4~5 months

Dial orientation can be rotated 330°



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MD-S281 Digital Pressure Gauge is a digital pressure gauge with built-in high precision pressure sensor, which can accurately display the pressure in real time, and has the characteristics of high accuracy and good long-term stability.
The digital pressure gauge is equipped with large size LCD LCD display, with zero clearing, backlight, switch on and off, unit switch, low voltage alarm and other functions, simple operation, convenient installation. The product uses integral shell adhesive, good shock resistance, can measure gas, liquid, oil and other non-corrosive medium of stainless steel. This series of products support Bluetooth applet configuration parameters, including: pressure value display, collection rate modification, zero clearance operation and other Settings.
MD-S281 digital pressure gauge is suitable for portable pressure measurement, equipment matching, calibration equipment and other pressure measurement fields.

Application of MD-S281 Digital Pressure Gauge:

1.Mechanical and electronic industry
2.Instrument and meter matching
3.Pressure laboratory
4.Automation of construction machinery
5.Instead of pointer precision pressure gauge, it can be used as standard pressure gauge to check the pressure transmitter and ordinary pressure gauge

Specification of MD-S281 Digital Pressure Gauge:

The meter head rotates 330°, shock-resistant design, engineering plastic shell, standard Bluetooth
The meter head rotates 330°, shock-resistant design, engineering plastic shell, standard Bluetooth

Size of MD-S281 Digital Pressure Gauge:


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