MD-S906X Wireless Visual Smart Gateway

Short Description:

Large-size touch-screen operating system, easy to operate and easy to use Support 4G wide area network communication mode, LoRa wireless networking

Wireless and Ethernet dual network card design, unique dual network card automatic switching technology

Standard 485 communication interface, strong anti-interference ability

Standard system working status indicator

Industrial grade design, high reliability, wide operating temperature range



Product Detail

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MD-S906X Visual Intelligent Gateway is a touch screen multifunctional data acquisition gateway independently developed and designed by Meokon Sensor(Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd

MD-S906X Visual Intelligent Gateway adopts a mini-PCIE standard card slot design and supports multi-sensor wireless networking. Equipped with a 5-inch touch screen + green indicator light, it can quickly respond to the real-time situation of the device.

The unique dual network card automatic switching technology can ensure the reliability of the communication, and the Ethernet is used preferentially in the case of wired Ethernet access. The gateway is made of cast aluminum housing, which is durable and easy to install. Applicable to different fields such as smart factories and smart fire protection.

Application of MD-S906X Visual Smart Gateway:

Smart City

Smart Park

Smart Fire

Smart water

Smart pump room

Specification of MD-S906X Visual Smart Gateway:

Wireless parameters 4G full Netcom (BAND 1/3/8/34/38/39/40/41)
supports LoRa wireless sensor networking
Ethernet interface 10/100M adaptive
Bus interface RS485*1
Parameter configuration Touch screen configuration, remote configuration
Signal input Custom RS485 input
Powered by 12-28VDC
Operating temperature '-20~+65℃
Working humidity <95% (no condensation)
Antenna 4G Rod Antenna, LoRa Absorbing Dish Antenna
Material Cast aluminum shell + plastic bracket
Degree of protection IP54
Installation method Attached to the wall/rail


Size of MD-S906X Visual Smart Gateway:


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