• MD-UL	Universal Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    MD-UL Universal Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    Optional 4~20mA/RS485 and other output optional GPRS wireless output

    Backup and restore setting parameters Arbitrary adjustment of analog output with digital filtering and echo recognition

    Can manually set fixed interference filtering function

    Support custom serial data format (selected when order)

    Supports custom mathematical function operations

  • High-performance input level sensor

    High-performance input level sensor

    The MD-L100 level sensor measures liquid level or water depth based on the principle of hydrostatics, adopts high-performance isolation sensitive elements, and uses sophisticated temperature compensation technology and water sealing technology to convert static pressure into electrical signals, standard electrical signal.

    Liquid level sensors are used for water level measurement in reservoirs, rivers, sewage treatment, urban water supply, etc. This series of products also include liquid level sensors designed for more special conditions such as geothermal, minefields, oil tanks, etc.