MD-S273L Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge

Short Description:

Low power consumption design, battery powered, super long battery life
Battery or power supply is optional
Supports platform delivery and Bluetooth configuration parameters
IP68 waterproof probe with polyurethane liquid level special cable, strong media compatibility
0-5/10/*20/*50/*100m liquid level (* needs customized development)



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Features of MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge:

Wireless digital level meter is a low power wireless transmission level meter, it can use battery power.
This series of products is a liquid level measuring instrument with a variety of wireless transmission methods designed by using the static pressure principle, including NB-iot/4G/LoRa/LoRaWAN multiple transmission methods.
The series of products are made of explosion-proof cast aluminum shell and 304 stainless steel joint, built-in high precision liquid level sensor, equipped with LCD LCD screen, equipped with polyurethane cable and input liquid level probe, easy and reliable installation, good waterproof performance.
This series of products has Bluetooth configuration function, sensor acquisition speed, upsend frequency, high and low voltage alarm, fluctuation alarm value can be set.
This product is a wireless digital liquid level meter with 4G transmission. Relying on the mature 4G network of China Mobile, the water level of the water tank or reservoir on site can be uploaded to the cloud. Users can configure the bluetooth or remote matching | P address and other common parameters.
This product is a three-Netcom NB-iot transmission wireless digital liquid level meter, using the latest NB-iot technology, low power consumption, high transmission efficiency, low charges.

Functions of MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge:

Low liquid level alarm, send a message immediately
Wireless transmission function
On-off function
Remote configuration or Bluetooth setting IP address, alarm point, outgoing frequency, etc. (NB/4G)
Supports remote firmware upgrade and Bluetooth wireless communication

Application of MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge:

  • Fire water network
  • Fire water tank
  • Smart water
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Other situations where liquid level monitoring is required

Specification of MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge



Thread connection


Overload pressure


Transfer method

4G  LoRa LoRaWAN NB-iot




1%FS, 0.5%FS


3.6V lithium battery or 24V/12V power supply optional

Long-term stability

±0.25%FS/year (typical value)

Display and backlight

LCD full screen display, white backlight

Operating temperature


Compensation temperature

0 ~ 60℃

Electrical protection

Anti-electromagnetic interference

Sampling rate

1 second/time~600 seconds/time optional

Posting rate

3-1440 minutes can be set

Alarm point setting

Fluctuating alarm, high and low alarm points can be set in full range

Data configuration

Bluetooth configuration, remote configuration


Protection Rate

NB-iot/4G has IP address setting function


Size of MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge:

MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge

Installation diagram:

MD-S273 Wireless Liquid Level Digital Pressure Gauge

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