MD-S281 Meter High Precision Digital Hydraulic Pressure 10000 PSI 0.2% FS Accuracy Air Pressure Gauge 1/4 Inch NPT Thread with Bluetooth Cell Phone Connection and 330° Rotation

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The product is beautiful, the whole shell is covered with plastic, and the hand feels delicate

Large LCD screen, support multiple unit switching

Support reset, backlight, power on and off, Bluetooth connection, multiple functions Low power consumption design, 2 AA batteries, battery life 4~5 months

Dial orientation can be rotated 330°

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    MD-S281 is a digital pressure gauge, with a built-in high-precision pressure sensor, which can display the pressure accurately in real time, and has the characteristics of high accuracy and good long-term stability.

    The core feature of this product is that it can rotate the dial 330 °, which is convenient for users to observe the value displayed by the records. It also supports the Bluetooth applet and APP configuration parameters. The mobile phone can operate in hand.

    The dial can be rotated at 330 °, which is convenient for customers to read the number of readings from the perspective of required

    Support Bluetooth Mini Program and APP configuration parameters

    Through the HL151-BLE APP, customers can use Bluetooth to read device data, modify the setting parameters, and export the data Excel table. And the product attached to open source Bluetooth protocol analysis documents, which is convenient for customers to conduct secondary development


    Overall shell

    The product adopts the overall shell wrap. The TPE glue can reduce shock absorption to prevent accidental falling. The soft glue material is deformable and recovered, the surface is scratch resistant, and can measure the non -corrosive medium of gas, liquid, oil and other stainless steel.

    Application field

    This digital pressure gauge is suitable for the mechanical and electronic industry, instrument and instrumentation, and pressure laboratory and other pressure measurement fields.


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