600bar Portable Pressure Calibration Pump with 0.1 Resolution

Short Description:

Pressure measuring medium: purified water or special oil (one of two)
Service temperature: 0 ~ 50 ºC
Overall dimension: 3 2 5 × 2 0 0 × 1 8 0
Instrument weight: 4.5 kg
Pressure range: 0 ~10/ 20/30/40/60/100 MPa(Each gear)

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.the pressure pump shall be used within the rated pressure range as far as possible, and overpressure greater than 10MPa of the maximum range is prohibited;
2. when it needs to be transported or carried for use, the quick connector must be locked with a plug, the [pressure relief valve] must be closed, and the pressure bar Put it in the lowest position, and screw in all [boost fine adjustment] ;
3. if the pressure measuring medium is polluted, please replace it in time;
4. during use, the liquid level of pressure measuring medium shall not be lower than the filter position in the liquid cup;
5. the lever is pressurized and the applied force is uniform; All handles and joints shall not be operated with excessive force;
6. after a long time of use, apply an appropriate amount of grease to the thread part. If there is any pollution, please clean it in time;
7. for long-term storage, it should be kept in a dry, non corrosive gas and sun proof environment

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