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MD-S270 series wireless digital pressure gauge is independently developed by Shanghai Meokon.Low-power wireless transmission digital pressure gauge with battery power.

The series of digital digital pressure gauges are available in a variety of wireless transmission modes, including GPRS/LORa/NB-iot multiple transmission options. This series of products adopts explosion-proof cast aluminum casing and 304 stainless steel joints. It is equipped with high-precision pressure sensor and LCD liquid crystal display screen. It can measure the non-corrosive medium of gas, liquid and oil, and has the characteristics of medium and compatibility.It has a variety of auxiliary functions such as clearing, backlighting, power on/off, unit switching, and low voltage alarm.

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This series of products have the sensor acquisition speed can be set, the frequency of the upload can be set, the high and low pressure alarm value can be set, the real-time pressure alarm and other functions.

The MD-S270G is a GPRS-transmitted wireless digital pressure gauge that uploads the on-site pipeline pressure to the cloud by leveraging China Mobile's mature GPRS network. Users can match IP addresses and other general parameters either on-site or remotely.

The MD-S270L is a LORa transmission wireless digital pressure gauge, which is used with the LORa gateway. It has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong signal penetration, and self-organizing network.

The MD-S270N is a NB-iot wireless digital pressure gauge with the latest NB-iot technology, low power consumption, high transmission efficiency and low tariff. This series of products has passed CE certification and intrinsic safety certification.

Technical Characteristics:

1. Low power design, battery power, long battery life

2. Optional battery power supply, power supply mode

3. GPRS/LORa/NB-iot multiple wireless transmission methods

4. 304 stainless steel housing and connector, 316L stainless steel diaphragm, media compatibility

5. -0.1~0...0.01 0.1...1.6...10...200MPa full scale coverage

Product Features:

1. Multiple pressure unit switching

2. Wireless transmission function

3. Switch function

4. Remote configuration or button to set IP address, alarm point, sending frequency, etc.

5. Equipped with a gateway for efficient pressure monitoring (LORa) in the LAN


1. Fire hose network

2. Heating

3. Smart water

4. Medical equipment

5. Other occasions requiring wireless pressure monitoring

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