MD-S230 3-A-sanitary-standards-hygienic pressure gauge with explosion-proof function

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IP67 rate, Ex certified
316L shell, strong media compatibility
Adopt large-size LCD screen, beautiful and exquisite
A variety of auxiliary functions: unit switch, zero reset, pressure percentage, etc
Ultra-low power consumption design, battery life of more than 18 months

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This series gauge is a digital pressure gauge with lP67 protection level and EX certification. It hasbuilt-in hiah-precision pressure sensor and ultra-low power consumption circuit, combined withall-laser welding technology and ultra-low power consumption circuit processing technology,making it an intelligent type with high precision, good shock resistance, high protection level andlong battery life.

The digital pressure gauge is equipped with LCD liquid crystal display, which has various functionssuch as zero reset, backlight, switch machine, unit switch, etc, t is simple to operate and easy to install.
The shell adopts 316L stainless steel shell and joints and full laser welding technology, which can beused in food, sewage, seawater and other working conditions that have high material tolerancerequirements.



✳Food Industry
✳Health industry



Range -100kPa…10..·-10..·0…100MPa
ACC 0.4%FS
Power supply 3.0V(2AA batteries)
Connection G1/4,M20*1.5
Display screen LCD display
Screen backlight White
Diameter 73mm
Shell material 316L
Connection material 316L
IP rate IP67
Product function On/off, backlight, zero clear, unit switch, Magnet Wake
Long-term stability 士0.2%FS/year
Testing medium Non-corrosive gas or liquid to 316L
Product certificate Ex certificate
Pressure unit PSI, BAR, kPa, kgf/cm2, MPa


MD-S230 Hygenic Pressure gauge





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