MD-T 2088 Temperature Transmitter

Short Description:

MD-T2088 is a digital temperature transmitter with display, built-in high-precision temperature sensor, can accurately display the temperature in real time, and can transmit the temperature signal remotely, with high precision and long-term stability.

This temperature transmitter adopts LCD display screen, with various functions such as Celsius/Fahrenheit switching, full-scale correction, digital filtering, etc., simple operation and convenient installation.

This product can measure water, oil, air and other non-corrosive media to stainless steel. The high-precision PT100 is used as the temperature measurement element. The measurement method uses temperature probe contact insertion, and the circuit performs 0-60 ambient temperature compensation.

Product Detail

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Technical Characteristics:

With 4-20mA signal output

Optional probe length, optional temperature range

External power supply 12~28V

High temperature accuracy

Use explosion-proof enclosure

Support customer site temperature calibration and current calibration

Adjustable measurement response speed


Instrumentation matching    Laboratory     Construction machinery

Automated production line    Petrochemical   Environmental monitoring

Technical Parameters:

Temperature Range -50~300℃
Accuracy class ±0.5  ±0.25   ±0.1
Long-term stability 0.5% FS/year
Power supply 12~28VDC (24VDC)
Output 4~20mA
Load impedance ≤500Ω
Display screen 4-digit LCD display
Backlight color White
Measuring medium Air, water, oil and other non-corrosive media to stainless steel
Shell material Cast aluminum
Connector Material 304SS (Or customized)
Product Features Digital filter adjustment,Support customer site temperature calibration and current calibration

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