Short Description:

MD-T560 digital remote thermometer is a thermometer with LCD digital display, built-in high-precision temperature sensor, it can accurately display the temperature in real time & can

remotely transmit the temperature signal, with the characteristics of high accuracy and long-term


This remote thermometer adopts LCD display with various functions such as Celsius / Fahrenheit switching, full-scale correction, and digital filtering. It is simple to operate and easy to install.

This product can measure water, oil, air and other non-corrosive stainless steel medium. The high-precision PT100 is used as the temperature measurement element. The measurement method adopts a temperature probe to contact and insert. The circuit compensates the operation temperature from 0 to 60 degrees 

Product Detail

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◇Instrumentation supporting     ◇Laboratory      ◇Engineering machinery    

◇Automated production line     ◇Petrochemical   ◇Environmental monitoring

Technical Characteristics:

•With 4-20mA current signal output  

•Probe length and temperature range are selectable

•External power supply 12 ~ 28v

•High temperature accuracy

•Adopt 304SS shell,strong and sturdy

•Support temperature calibration and current calibration on site

•Measurement response speed is adjustable

Technical Parameters:

Temperature Range -50~300℃
Accuracy ±0.5%FS, ±0.25%FS, ±0.1%FS
Long-term Stability 0.5%FS/Year
Power Supply 12~28VDC (24VDC)
Output 4~20mA
Electrical Protection Anti electromagnetic interference
Sampling Rate 01-20 adjustable
Load Impedance ≤500Ω
Display Screen 4 digit LCD display
Backlight Color White
Measurement Medium Non-corrosive media such as air, water, oil
Shell Material Cast aluminum
Connection Material 304 stainless steel (or customized)
Product Function Digital filter adjustment, support customer site temperature calibration and current calibration
Operation Temperature 0~60℃
Storage Temperature -40~125℃
Ambient Temperature 0~95%RH

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