MD-S211 Datalogger Digital pressure gauge 0.05%FS with 330°rotatry Meokon

Short Description:

Original imported pressure sensor, accuracy 0.05%, 0.1%, 0.5% optionalPa

Dial can be rotated 330° degree

15 pressure units available

Low power consumption design, powered by 3 AAA batteries, can last up to 1 year

Bluetooth function which can set various parameters and export recorded data

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    Features of Digital Pressure Gauge with High Precision MD-S211

    The high-precision digital pressure gauge is a high-precision pressure gauge that can rotate 330°. It uses split-screen display on the main screen and the secondary screen. The main screen displays real-time pressure, and the split-screen displays the ambient temperature, maximum pressure, minimum pressure, and range. Range and other reference data.

    The product has powerful functions and can switch between multiple common pressure unit displays. The pressure collection rate is adjustable, and the collected data can be recorded and exported through a type-c data cable or Bluetooth function. Various parameters can be set through Bluetooth function or buttons

    The device comes standard with type-c external power supply, optional type-c external power supply + 3 AAA batteries or type-c external power supply + rechargeable battery power supply, multiple power supply modes, more convenient to use.

    Application of MD-S211 Digital Pressure Gauge:

    • Machinery and electronics industry
    • Instrumentation supporting
    • Pressure laboratory
    • Construction machinery automation
    • Replace analog pressure gauge, it can be used as standard pressure gauge and used tocalibrate pressure transmitter and ordinary pressure gauge

    Specification of MD-S211 Digital Pressure Gauge:

    Range (-0.1...0~0.1...1...10...70)MPa
    Overload Pressure 150%
    Power Supply type-C external power supply + 3 AAA batteries or type-C external power supply + rechargeable battery power supply
    Dial Size 85mm
    Accuracy  0.05%FS 0.1%FS 0.5%FS;
    Ouput Signal Without
    Data storage Can store 10 records, each record can hold up to 27,000 data, totaling 270,000 data
    Working Temperature -10℃~ 60℃
    Backlight Color Green
    Sampling Frequency 0.1-10 times/second
    Measuring Medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
    Connection M20*1.5 ,G1/2,G1/4 or customized
    Connection Materials 304 SS
    Rotation Angle 330°
    Product Function Power on/off Backlight Clear Unit switching Extreme value display Temperature display Data recording and export
    Shell Materials Cast zinc
    Protection Grade IP65 (IP67 optional)

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