MD-S975 Gas Flow Switch /Monitor A/R Used in kiln industry

Short Description:

  • Dial rotates 270° horizontally
  • Thermal conduction principle works
  • Supports quick selection of monitoring media
  • Provide digital interfaces and communication protocols
  • Provides a variety of rated flow range options
  • 3-digit digital tube display, easy to read measurement results

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The TECH FEATURES OF MD-S975 Gas Flow Switch

Gas flow monitors are widely used in various industries and application scenarios, such as industrial control (kilns), environmental monitoring, medical equipment and laboratory research. Gas flow monitors can provide reliable gas flow measurement solutions.

The gas flow monitor uses MEMS flow sensing chip technology to measure the gas medium flow in the flow channel through the principle of thermodynamics. It adopts precise measurement technology and fast-response sensors. The gas flow monitor can provide highly accurate flow measurement results and can operate stably even under complex environmental conditions. In addition, we also provide digital interfaces and remote monitoring functions to help customers easily obtain real-time data and perform remote configuration and control.

The Application OF MD-S975 Gas Flow Switch

Smart building

Smart factory


Environmental monitoring

Tech Parameters OF MD-S975 Gas Flow Switch

Product number MD-S975
Measuring medium Air, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen
Medium temperature -10~60°C
Detection method Thermal
Rated flow range 100/300/400/800/1000(unit sLM)
Pressure resistant Maximum 0.2~2MPa (determined according to flow range)
voltage DC24V
Accuracy soil2%FS
unit L/min
output method 4~20mA/RS485
Outgoing method Straight out  aviation
Installation method PT1/2 external thread, PT3/4 external thread, etc. (determined according to flow range)
shell material polyester plastic
Base material Aluminum alloy

The Dimension of MD-S975 Gas Flow Switch


Applicable pipe inner diameter(mm) LWH(mm) RANGE(SLM) Thread connection
8~12 83*35*55 100 G3/8
male screw thread
8~12 119*35*55 300 PT1/2
male screw thread
12~15 92*35*55 400 PT1/2
male screw thread
19~25 92*35*55 800 PT3/4
male screw thread
32~36 128*50*83 1700 PT11/4
male screw thread






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