MD-EL Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Short Description:

The electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for measuring almost all electrically conductive liquids, as well as the flow measurement of mud, paste and mud. The premise is that the measured medium must have at least some minimum conductivity. Temperature, pressure, viscosity and density have no effect on the measurement results.

It can also be used to measure corrosive media as long as the proper pipe lining material and electrode material are selected. Solid particles in the medium will not affect the measurement results.

The flow sensor and the intelligent converter form a complete flow meter integrally or separately.

Product Detail

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Clean water &sewage   Electricity production &distribution   Chemical & industrial pharmacy   Food industry

Technical characteristics:

1. No moving parts and no wear

2. The measurement range of the process is 1: 100

3. No clear section or flow enhancement device

4. Measuring the flow rate of various conductive liquids

5. Measurement results are not affected by physical properties such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density

6. Strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance

7. Measures forward / reverse flow

8. Large LCD screen, user-friendly operation interface, easy to use

9. Persistent EEPROM for saving configuration parameters and measurement data during power failure

10. Wide operation voltage range

11. Self-diagnosis

Technical Parameters:

Display LCD display, display various flow data in real-time, m³ or L display unit
Structure Embedded type design, integrated or split type
Measuring medium Liquid or solid-liquid, Conductivity> 0.5μs / cm2
Measuring Range 0.05m/s~8m/s
Measurement Accuracy Diameter  mm Range m/s Accuracy


0.3 or less ±0.25%FS
0.3~1 ±1.0%R
1~10 ±0.5%R


0.1~0.3 ±0.25%FS
0.3~1 ±0.5%R
1~10 ±0.3%R


0.3 or less ±0.25%FS
0.3~1 ±1.0%R
1~10 ±0.5%R
%FS: relative range,  %R: relative measurement
Caliber(mm) 6mm~2000mm
Nominal pressure PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100, PN160, PN250, PN420 etc.
Output 4~20mA or frequency (<5KHz), RS485, wireless transmission (optional), relay (option


Connection DN6 ~ DN2000 for flange connection
Connection standard Applicable to various pipe flange standards
Product Standards Accuracy requirements meet JJG 1033-2007 standard
IP rating IP65(integrated), IP67 or IP68 when split (optional)
Power supply AC86~220V
Ambient temperature 5~55℃
Environment humidity <85%r.h(Non-condensing)

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