Short Description:

The three-screen digital electric contact pressure gauge is a multi-display digital electric contact pressure gauge. The main screen displays the pressure change in real time, the two secondary screens display the lower and upper alarm values. The user can intuitively see the alarm pressure and real-time pressure. The user can set the pressure value conveniently and intuitively by pressing the button.

This product can choose axial and radial installation, 304 SS shell, diameter 100mm

This digital display electric contact pressure gauge is mainly to replace the traditional mechanical electric contact pressure gauge, so the control output method is the same as the traditional mechanical electric contact (a common line, a high alarm, a low alarm), and the user can completely follow the mechanical Wiring method of electric contact pressure gauge

Due to the built-in pressure sensor, it is particularly suitable for use in situations with frequent pressure shocks and strong on-site vibrations. It has the characteristics of anti-vibration, long life, simple operation and clear display.

Product Detail

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*Hydraulic machinery  *High pressure booster equipment  *Automated production line *Cleaning equipment *Steam generator  *Replace mechanical electrical contact pressure gauge

Technical characteristics:

*Three screen display (Main screen shows real-time pressure, upper &lower value displayed on the secondary screen)

*100mm diameter, 304SS shell, axial or radial installation optional

* Convenient to set the alarm points

* Multiple pressure units switch, error clear function

* Exactly equivalent to the wiring method of mechanical electric contact pressure gauge

Product function:

* Multiple pressure units switching

* Set alarm point function

* One-click clear function

Technical Parameters:

Range -0.1~0…0.1MPa

0~10…25…40…60…100 kPa


Overload capacity 150%
Output Relay output, (high alarm low alarm common line) wiring method same as electrical contact pressure gauge
Output relay capacity 24V 1A   220V 1A
Power supply 220VAC; 24VDC; 380VAC
Setting range Control points can be set for full range
Accuracy 0.5%FS
Measurement medium Gas, water, oil(non-corrosive)
Diameter 100mm
Operation temperature -20~80 ℃
Connection 304SS
Shell 304SS
Certificate CE  ROHS


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