MD-S853 PNP Or NPN Output Hydraulic Pressure Switch Replaced Pneumatics Pumps And Compressors Pressure Switches

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304 stainless steel shell, IP65 structural design Double-stage rotation structure, quickly adjust the screen orientation OLED screen design, wide viewing angle range and high resolution Multiple output modes optional: 4~20mA, PNP/NPN switchable dual-channel alarm lights, multi-function button design

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The FEATURES of MD-S853 pressure switch

MD-S853 is a digital pressure switch with an OLED screen suitable for hydraulic environments. The product is designed with a 304 stainless steel case and a plastic case head. The protection capability can reach IP65 level. The product can be used in harsh environments.
This pressure switch adopts a universal threaded joint design. It is designed for high load conditions in hydraulic environments and is equipped with an ED sealing method to achieve good long-term stability. This product is equipped with a double-section rotating structure that can adjust the screen orientation to ensure that customers can obtain good viewing angles in different installation positions.
This pressure switch is equipped with multiple function buttons. Users can quickly set hysteresis value, upper and lower limit settings, hysteresis mode/window mode and other functions. Equipped with a standard 5-core M12 aviation plug line (1 meter), users can directly replace the old mechanical pressure switch.

The APPLICATION of MD-S853 pressure switch

◆ Machine tool drive monitoring

◆ Automated production line

◆High speed train

◆Hydraulic equipment

◆ Other occasions to replace mechanical pressure switches

◆ automatic control equipment


Measuring range 0~0.1..1.0..60MPa
Accuracy level ±0.5%FS
overload pressure ≤10MPa 200%;>10MPa 150%
destroying pressure ≤10MPa 300%;>10MPa200%
Screen display mode OLED
Screen Resolution 128*64
Supply voltage 12~28V
output signal Output 1: NPN or PNP (switchable)
Output 2: NPN or PNP (switchable)
Other outputs: 4~20mA
Load current ≤100mA
Operating temperature (-20~65)°C
Electrical connections M12 plug
electrical protection Anti-reverse connection protection, anti-electromagnetic interference
Threaded port M20x1.5, G1/4, NPT1/4 or customized thread
Interface material 304 stainless steel
Diaphragm material 316L stainless steel
Protection level IP65
Accessories M12 standard 5-core 12-pin cable (1 meter)


The Size of MD-853 digital pressure switch:

MD-S853 digital pressure switch

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