What is Digital pressure switches?

Good Usage habits, It is very important for MEOKON digital display pressure switch!


Point 1:

Intelligent digital display pressure switch is an intelligent high-precision pressure control device integrating pressure measurement, display and control. It has the functions of switching between three units and one-key reset. It can be widely used in hydropower, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries to measure, display and control the pressure of fluid media. It is an ideal industrial intelligent measurement and control instrument.


Point 2:

When we use MEOKON digital display pressure switch, in order to prevent damage to the pressure switch, the valve should be opened and closed slowly. When measuring the gas medium, in order to ensure the stable operation of the system equipment, if the pressure pulsation of the equipment is large, a gas damper (buffer tube) should be installed for the pressure switch to reduce the impact of pressure shock on the pressure switch.



Point 3:During the long-term use of MEOKON digital display pressure switch, in order to avoid frequent maintenance, the measured medium must meet the measurement requirements of the intelligent pressure switch, otherwise, it will not only affect the measurement accuracy, but also damage the pressure switch.


Point 4:MEOKON intelligent digital display pressure switch should be cleaned, inspected and maintained by special personnel after each use. Developing good maintenance habits is an important prerequisite to ensure the service life of the intelligent digital display pressure switch.




Excellent product recommendation

Technical features

1.Four-digit digital display, easy to read

2.60/80/100mm dial optional, radial/axial optional

3.Multiple functions: delay control, reverse control, leakage protection, password protection, etc.

4.Multiple unit switching: MPa, kgf/cm², PSI

5. Special sensors can be customized according to the requirements of special industries



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Post time: Dec-19-2022