Sharing of Waterproof and Drainage Emergency Response System Solution

System Overview

In order to accelerate the high-quality development of urban infrastructure construction, in accordance with the overall deployment of Chongqing’s “smart housing construction” and urban information model (CIM platform) construction, combined with the needs of urban drainage management system construction, to further improve the comprehensive management level of urban pipelines, the implementation of “ “Internet of Things + Smart Drainage” construction pilot project, in order to ensure the safety of driving and pedestrians on low-lying road sections, this solution is aimed at the deployment of water level monitoring equipment video monitoring of vehicle underpasses and low-lying roads in a certain area of ​​Chongqing to realize the advancement of water level at prone points Early warning provides reliable basic data for early warning of waterlogging. Install “smart manhole cover” device to monitor whether the manhole cover is overturned and opened by water flow during waterlogging, to ensure timely monitoring and effective early warning of the culvert liquid level when the rainy season arrives, and to develop different alarm levels according to the needs, according to the on-site video conditions and actual conditions In case of alarm, culvert traffic warning information is issued to ensure the safe travel of vehicles. All monitoring data is wirelessly transmitted to the command center to realize centralized monitoring and comprehensive scheduling, reminding staff to deal with it in the first time, and avoid safety accidents.

System architecture


System functions

real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the water level of low-lying roads, underpasses and tunnels, and remotely transmitted to the urban waterlogging monitoring and warning center via 4G wireless network.

Over-limit alarm

When the water level is too high or the equipment is abnormal, the system platform will automatically alarm, and automatically send an alarm message to the mobile phone of the person in charge. The parallel moving camera captures the scene status and sends it back to the command center.

Low-lying road section monitoring

The system has a map display function, which can centrally display the location information of various low-lying road sections through the software platform.


Based on the principle that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon or ceramic sensitive elements is used to convert the static pressure into an electrical signal. After temperature compensation and linearity correction. Converted into 4-20mADC standard current signal output. The sensor part of the product can be directly put into the liquid, and the transmitter part can be fixed by flange or bracket, which is extremely convenient to install and use.

The liquid level transmitter selected in this solution cooperates with our smart wireless gateway to realize remote data transmission through 4G communication. It has the advantages of small size and convenient installation. It is especially suitable for hydrology, urban waterlogging, urban roads, rivers and lakes, etc. Occasions where the water level is not very variable.


The sensor node access gateway is an industrial-grade gateway with a network port and 4G full Netcom communication port. It can convert Modbus RTU protocol device data into MQTT protocol format and then send it to the data center remotely, supporting the collection of digital input signals , Support the output of digital control signals. The sensor node access gateway has integrated collection, transmission, and control functions, and integrates protocol conversion capabilities, which can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs of multiple devices, and work is stable and reliable.


The wireless liquid level sensor is a smart well liquid level monitoring device that adopts an integrated design. The product adopts a micro-power design. It uses a silicon piezoresistive liquid level sensor with a stainless steel isolation membrane as a liquid level signal measuring element. It adopts high-precision AD The converter collects the liquid level signal, and realizes the zero point and temperature performance compensation of the liquid level in a wide temperature range.

The wireless liquid level sensor has a built-in fast-replaceable large-capacity long-life lithium thionyl chloride battery pack for power supply. It is suitable for applications in the field or without mains power supply, such as rainwater and sewage pipeline network liquid level monitoring, urban well liquid level monitoring, and storage Tank level monitoring, pool level monitoring, etc. The equipment uses the NB-IoT communication method to remotely transmit data to the well liquid level monitoring system software to realize real-time monitoring, alarm processing, statistical analysis and other functions of on-site liquid level data.


The manhole cover condition monitor is a device for monitoring the manhole cover of urban manholes. It is installed on the wall of manhole cover. When the manhole cover changes and inclines and reaches the triggering alarm condition (the default value of the open cover inclination alarm value is 30°, it can be configured to other angles). ), the manhole cover monitor will be triggered to alarm and the alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring center through wireless transmission, and the monitoring center will analyze the data and judge the alarm.

This product uses NB-IoT wireless communication. It uses battery power supply and has the characteristics of easy installation, long battery life, high detection accuracy, and stable operation.


Real-time monitoring of water levels in low-lying areas prone to waterlogging, and warning monitoring for locations with serious waterlogging-prone areas. The system uses an ultrasonic level gauge to measure the water level, and uploads the collected level data through the ultrasonic level gauge installed in the low-lying urban terrain prone to flooding. Whenever the water level exceeds the threshold, it immediately sends out an alarm message to notify you Relevant responsible departments take measures, and the system will also give different levels of alarms for different levels of liquid levels.


The powerful centralized management system and client software can manage thousands of front-end users. Users can log in to the client software to browse the pictures of the monitoring points online, monitor whether the front-end cameras are connected and modify parameters remotely; no other hard disk video recorders are required to store them directly. Remote PC storage.


The system uses a multi-parameter weather monitor to provide the system with real-time weather data for auxiliary monitoring. At the same time, according to the forecast rainfall, historical experience and big data analysis, it is reminded to lower the liquid level of the entire pipeline network and conduct rainy day scheduling. Meteorological data is transmitted to the smart pipe network system through the remote transmission technology of the Internet of Things. The system realizes the monitoring of environmental conditions such as rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity at the monitoring point. The equipment has stable performance and high detection accuracy, which can meet professional meteorological observations. Business requirements. It is used in many fields such as urban meteorological and environmental monitoring, transportation, military, agriculture, forestry, and hydrology.



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