Shanghai Meokon: The Bluetooth function is “outstanding”, beautiful and powerful wireless Bluetooth pressure transmitter

With the accelerated development of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the construction of smart cities, smart firefighting, etc. has continued to advance. Many fields such as factories, firefighting, environmental protection, petrochemicals, etc. are in the process of informatization and Internet of things upgrades. The demand of pressure transmitters, and other various types of smart instruments is increasing day by day. As a well-known domestic smart sensor-based interface service provider, Shanghai Meokon newly launched a new MD-G501 ​​series of ultra-small wireless Bluetooth pressure transmitters, full of highlights and full of sincerity!

This “ultra-compact” wireless Bluetooth pressure transmitter adopts the “Meokon Orange” color scheme, which combines corporate culture elements on the one hand and makes the product more unique in texture on the other hand.

The specific advantages of MD-G501 ​​are as follows

strong applicability and outstanding performance.

MD-G501 ​​series ultra-small wireless Bluetooth pressure transmitter adopts digital conditioning chip and high-precision pressure sensor, which has good stability, very high accuracy, and small size, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging, and can better meet the actual needs of users Usage requirements

Various functions and safety.

The MD-G501 ​​series ultra-small wireless pressure transmitter has many practical functions such as unit switching, zero clearing, high/low pressure alarm, fluctuation alarm, etc., which not only better fits the use scene, but also comprehensively improves the application of the product Security, so that users can be more assured.

Energy saving and power saving,long standby time.This product adopts ultralow power consumption design, uses 3V battery power supply, and can work continuously for more than 1 year under normal conditions. the user is not only more convenient, but also saves the corresponding use cost.

In addition to the above three highlights, one of the most important core advantages of the MD-G501 ​​series of ultra-small wireless pressure transmitters is that it adopts an ultra-low-power Bluetooth transmission module, supports Bluetooth configuration and cooperates with Bluetooth gateway remote parameter configuration. Users can select a Bluetooth gateway and transfer relevant data to the cloud through the gateway to 4G. In addition, users can also use Ethernet to transmit to the local server. For users, this will greatly reduce maintenance costs.

MD-G501 ​​wireless bluetooth pressure sensor can be applied to fire water pipe network, fire terminal, fire pump room, urban water supply, petrochemical remote monitoring, heating pipe network, vehicle maintenance plant, wind tunnel experiment, automated production line, machine room, etc.

Post time: Feb-22-2021