Review of MEOKON New Porducts in 2023









In the blink of an eye, the winter solstice is approaching, and 2023 is about to come to an end.


Looking back on the past year, Mingkong Sensing has been actively exploring markets and products and forging ahead with determination. In the vast wave of smart city digital transformation and smart factory smart manufacturing, Mingkong will still focus on its advantageous areas in 2023, actively innovate, and launch a variety of digital instruments and smart sensing terminals in full swing. There are practical small scene safety monitoring terminals, including various monitoring categories such as gas, pressure, flow, water quality, etc.; there are different measuring instruments with high precision, high reliability, digital remote transmission, industry characteristics, etc.


MD-S281 digital pressure gauge

The dial rotates 330°, look left or right

Product Highlights:

  • Rotatable dial: The dial supports 330° rotation, allowing customers to take readings from the desired angle, especially suitable for portable pressure measurement.
  • Support Bluetooth connection: The product supports Bluetooth applet and APP configuration parameters, including: pressure value display, acquisition rate modification, clearing operation and other settings.
  • The overall shell is coated with rubber: The product adopts an integral shell with rubber, which has good shock resistance and can measure gas, liquid, oil and other media that are non-corrosive to stainless steel.




    40mm dial is ideal for use in gas fire extinguishing systems


Product Highlights:

  • Rotating dial, compact size: supports 270° rotating watch body, convenient for users to read from multiple angles; 40mm ultra-small dial design, easy to install, suitable for small spaces.
  • Strong anti-electromagnetic interference: anti-electromagnetic interference design, in line with EN61326 standards, using RS485 remote transmission signal output, the transmission distance is better than 500 meters.




MD-S211 High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge


The highest accuracy is 0.05% level


Product Highlights

  • High accuracy and good stability: accuracy levels of 0.05%, 0.1%, and 0.5% are optional.
  • Rotating dial, main and secondary screen display: The dial supports 330° rotation, which is convenient for users to read from multiple angles. The main and auxiliary screens are split-screen display. While the main screen displays real-time pressure, the split-screen displays reference data such as ambient temperature, maximum pressure, minimum pressure, and measurement range.




MD-S972 Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring Terminal


Temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, C02, TVOC

CO, alcohol, formaldehyde, eight types of monitoring can be done with one machine!



Product Highlights

  • Multi-dimensional gas monitoring: The product comes standard with eight types of gas sensors, and different sensors can be selected according to scene requirements. Combined with the 4.3-inch color LCD large screen, you can view the air environment quality locally at a glance.
  • Remote configuration and upgrade: The device can upload data through wireless 4G. It also supports WeChat applet to modify configuration parameters, and also supports remote upgrade and remote configuration.
  • Multiple power supply modes: Type-C, 5000mA lithium battery, 220VAC power supply, 24VDC power supply, four power supply modes to choose from, applicable to different scenarios. When the external power supply is out of power, the battery power supply can be switched to ensure the normal operation of the device.



MD-S971 Wireless Data Monitor

A meter reading device suitable for gas monitoring scenarios



Product Highlights:

  • Applicable to a wide range of equipment: The equipment will collect flow information data through the RS485 interface or pulse interface, and supports access to a variety of flow meters and valve controllers.
  • Remote configuration: built-in wireless transmission module, 4G/NB transmission mode optional, supports remote parameter configuration and remote firmware upgrade.





Product Highlights:

  • Various water quality monitoring: can be connected to various water quality sensors such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, etc.
  • Wireless transmission: built-in wireless transmission module, 4G/NB transmission mode optional, supports remote parameter configuration and remote firmware upgrade.
  • Easy to install and maintain: The probe and battery box are designed in separate parts, making installation simple and easy to maintain.




MD-S975 gas flow monitor

According to kiln piping design

Maximum flow 1700SLM





Product Highlights:

  • Rotatable dial: Supports 270° horizontal rotation of the dial, adapting to different installation needs and angles, and the difficulty of installation and maintenance plummets.
  • Small size and light weight: Made of polyester plastic and aluminum alloy, the minimum volume is 159cm³. Taking the 400SLM equipment as an example, the total product weight is 173g and the volume is 170cm³.
  • Digital interface: Provides digital interface and communication protocol, 4-20mA/RS485 is optional, supports remote monitoring and control, and meets modern digital monitoring and control needs.





Post time: Dec-27-2023