In November 2023, the construction of a comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform for urban safety risks was once again highlighted by the Work Safety Committee of the State Council. The risk of gas pipeline leakage and explosion in urban lifeline projects, the risk of gas leakage in catering establishments, and the risk of poisoning and suffocation in underground municipal facilities are all included in the scope of risk monitoring and supervision. Gas storage rooms, gas consumption sites, valve wells, communication trenches, underground ditches, culverts and other various occasions require concentration monitoring of different gases. In response to these needs, Mingkong Sensing has launched combustible gas detectors to visualize the monitoring data. Really make risk linkage treatment efficient, “capable of monitoring, early warning, and quick disposal” to help the construction of urban safety risk early warning platform.


There is an indicator light on the front of the detector

Display the combustible gas value detected by the sensor

It is convenient for users to directly adjust the detector on site

Once the preset threshold is exceeded

Sound and light alarm immediately

Help promptly detect and warn of abnormal situations

Improve response speed and security management efficiency


The product is powered by a power adapter

Eliminate wiring worries

Plug and play

Sensors are pluggable for installation

Changing sensors is easier

Pull out and replace


The product supports wireless 4G transmission

Available via local Bluetooth or remote platform

Configure device parameters and upgrade firmware

Real-time data monitoring and transmission

Efficiently monitor combustible gases around the clock

Make hidden dangers invisible


The product can communicate through relays and standard RS485

Or 4~20mA multiple output modes,

Can better adapt to various working conditions

Safety protection and automation control requirements

Effectively prevent accidents from happening


The entire detector shell is designed as an explosion-proof shell.

Protection grade IP66

Explosion class Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Able to work stably in harsh environments


Post time: Mar-18-2024