Meokon Wireless Temperature and Humidity Meter MD-S277HT

MD-S277HT series wireless temperature and humidity meters use imported temperature and humidity sensors as sensitive components, which can quickly respond to changes in temperature and humidity.

The product adopts a 1.5-inch LCD screen display, and the shell has wall-mounted mounting holes, which is convenient for wall-mounted installation.

This series of products is powered by a built-in lithium battery, with ultra-low power consumption design, and the battery life is up to 3 years. This series has a built-in wireless transmission module and has a variety of wireless transmission methods, including 4G/LORa/NB-iot.

This series of products supports Bluetooth applet configuration parameters, including temperature and humidity alarm, upload interval and other settings.

This series of products has high precision, fast response and long life, especially suitable for indoor occasions where high precision measurement of temperature and humidity is required.


Technical characteristics:

Low power consumption design, powered by lithium battery

battery life for more than 3 years

LCD liquid crystal display, wall mount

4G/LORa/NB-iot multiple wireless transmission methods are optional

Temperature and humidity high and low alarm/low battery alarm

Support Bluetooth function debugging, support platform remote configuration



Smart Agriculture

Engine room pump room

Smart Building




Transmission method:  4G/LORa/NB-iot

Shell material:  ABS plastic shell

Supply voltage:  3.6V lithium battery

Temperature range:  -40~80℃

Temperature accuracy:  ±0.3°C (typ.)

Humidity range:  0~100%RH

Humidity Accuracy:  ±3%RH

Working temperature:  -40~80℃

Compensation temperature:  0 ~ 60℃

Electrical protection:  anti-electromagnetic interference

Sampling rate:  3 seconds/time

Upload rate:  10 minutes – 1440 minutes can be set

Data configuration:  Bluetooth configuration/remote configuration

Installation method:  wall-mounted installation

Standby current:  50uA



Post time: Jun-21-2022