Meokon Smart Fire Pressure Gauge Can Realize Remote Monitoring

Nowadays, with the continuous clarification of national support policies, the scope of smart fire protection applications has gradually expanded to various fields, such as nine small places, high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, petrochemicals, aviation airports, industrial parks and other industries or fields. The landing and application of the company has received much attention and attention from many parties. Smart fire protection is a comprehensive use of technologies such as wireless sensors, cloud computing and big data, using modern communication methods such as mobile Internet to integrate existing data centers, expand the number of networked users of the monitoring system, and improve system alarm linkage, facility inspections, and units Functions such as management and fire supervision.



Based on the traditional monitoring of the operating status, faults and alarm signals of the automatic fire alarm system, image pattern recognition technology is used to perform image analysis and alarm on fire and burning smoke; through the platform system, the fire safety status of networked units is dynamically monitored and displayed in a comprehensive manner. Improve the fire safety management level of social units and the effectiveness of fire protection supervision and enforcement.

With the rise and continuous improvement of smart fire protection, the instrumentation industry has undergone great changes, and the more obvious change is the shift from traditional pressure gauges to intelligence. The wireless smart pressure gauge is used to complete the functions and hardware support of the smart fire cloud platform. So what is the smart pressure gauge?

The MD-S270 wireless pressure gauge is a power supply, battery-powered or dual-powered power supply model with wireless communication function. It uses an explosion-proof cast aluminum housing, which is easy to install, sturdy and durable, and its waterproof rating is better than IP65. A wireless transmission method.

The product’s wireless signal transmission complies with GPRS, LORa, LORaWAN, and NB-iot network protocols. It can detect the real-time data of many monitoring points in a large area, such as the monitoring of the fire water pipe network, the heating system, the petrochemical industry, and the industrial field automation control detection.

Smart fire protection will bring a wave of industrial development to fire protection and is a historic opportunity in the development of the fire protection industry. As an important part of the construction of smart cities, the Internet of Things for Smart Fire Fighting has broad room for development.

Post time: May-19-2021