Meokon Air Compressor Wireless Monitoring System

The monitoring and energy-saving platform is divided into three parts: on-site pressure (flow, temperature) acquisition device, cloud platform and database


Optional terminal: MD-S270




Function introduction:

1.GPRS/LORa/NB multiple transmission modes are optional, integrated information collection and transmission

2.Remote parameter configuration and software upgrade Zero reference point correction function

3.Dual battery power supply Device ID can be checked


Industry needs

In recent years, air compressors have become an indispensable power equipment in industrial plants. However, there are still a lot of problems among manufacturers, middlemen, and end users in the current air compressor market. Seriously restrict the development of the air compressor market. As a medium and large-scale electromechanical equipment, the power consumption of air compressors has always been high, which invisibly increases the cost of enterprises. At the same time, the air compressor will inevitably generate a large number of after-sales maintenance and troubleshooting requirements in the long-term use process. At present, most companies use the method of manual regular inspection and processing, which wastes a lot of manpower, has poor immediacy and Inefficiency, in the face of emergencies, not only affects the production operations of the enterprise, but even leads to safety accidents.