Meokon 1 minute “Explore”: Bluetooth transmission function of wireless gateway

With the further development of the Internet of Things and big data technology, as well as the accelerated implementation of smart homes and smart cities, the technology research and development and product iteration of wireless gateways also continue to advance. In this context, once the Bluetooth wireless gateway came out, it received widespread attention in the industry.

The gateway uses wireless Bluetooth transmission, which is generally developed using RT-Thread (embedded real-time multi-threaded operating system), which has obvious basic advantages, including many features such as diverse communication methods, abundant access terminals, and pressure and temperature acquisition.

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After the wireless smart gateway is connected to the same local area network, it can log in to the configuration webpage in the Bluetooth gateway through a computer to manage the sensors. You can add/delete the bound Bluetooth transmitter and configure the sensor parameters. In addition, the installation method of this series of Bluetooth wireless gateways is very simple and convenient, and is equipped with a 220V power adapter, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging by engineers.

The Bluetooth wireless gateway has the following advantages:

1. The design is advanced, both the technical design and the appearance design are more in line with the actual needs of the application scenario, the volume is very small, the integration level is higher, and the applicability is significantly enhanced.

2. The Bluetooth gateway can support multiple communication methods such as Ethernet/4G/RS485 to meet the diverse needs under different communication conditions;

3. The gateway can support access to more than 100 Bluetooth sensors with more than 100 parameters, and supports gateway management and configuration of sensor parameters, which deeply reflects the product’s significant advantages in “wireless Bluetooth transmission”;

4. It can be connected to various types of sensors such as pressure, temperature, liquid level, temperature and humidity, and can be applied to more diversified scenarios.

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With the support of many advantages and characteristics, the Bluetooth wireless gateway has a wide range of applications and can be applied to application scenarios such as fire pump rooms, smart factories, laboratories, and computer rooms. It can be seen that the future market prospect of the gateway is quite clear, and the scope of application may be further expanded.

Post time: May-07-2021