MD-UL Ultrasonic Level Gauge


Product Description:

MD-UL universal ultrasonic level meter is a universal ultrasonic level meter. It realizes a fully digital and humanized design concept, and has perfect object/liquid level measurement and control, data transmission and human-machine communication functions.

This liquid level gauge adopts engineering plastic ABS waterproof shell, the shell is small and strong. The main chip adopts dozens of related special integrated circuits such as imported industrial grade single-chip microcomputer, digital temperature compensation and ultra-wide voltage input voltage stabilization.

The product has rich functions and can also add modules to realize other functions according to customer needs (such as: Bluetooth, GPRS communication, etc.). It has strong anti-interference ability, can set the upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment arbitrarily, with on-site display, can choose analog quantity, switch quantity and RS485 output, and it is convenient to interface with related facilities.

It has high reliability, no pollution, stable performance, and can meet most of the liquid level and material level measurement requirements without contacting industrial media. It completely solves the shortcomings of winding, clogging, leakage, medium corrosion, and inconvenient maintenance caused by traditional measurement methods such as pressure, capacitance, and float. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to material level and liquid level measurement and control.


Range: 2m, 5m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m (select when ordering)

Blind area: <0.25- 1.5m (different due to range)

Launch angle: less than 10° (different from sensor)

Minimum display resolution: 1mm

Frequency: 20 KHz~2000KHz

Accuracy: ±0.3%F.S

Temperature compensation: automatic temperature compensation

Display: OLED

On-site setting: the machine button is completed

Analog output signal: 4~20mA load>300Ω; 0~5V; 0~10V

Digital output: RS485 (support Modbus RTU protocol);

Wireless transmission: optional GPRS wireless communication

Switch output: two NPN/relays (AC: 5A 250V DC: 10A 24V)

Working voltage: DC12-24V or AC220V

Power consumption: <1.5W


Technical features:

☆ Optional 4-20mA/RS485 and other output modes

☆ Optional GPRS wireless output

☆ Backup and restore setting parameter function

☆ The analog output can be adjusted arbitrarily

☆ With digital filtering and echo recognition functions

☆ The fixed interference filtering function can be manually set

☆ Support custom serial port data format (selected when ordering)

☆ Support custom mathematical function operations



Water and sewage treatment, pump room, collection well, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank, etc.

Electricity, mines, mortar pools, coal slurry pools, butter storage tanks, stockyards or mobile equipment

Food industry, wineries, granaries, food materials tanks, etc.

Post time: Jul-15-2021