MD-S260G Nb Wireless Fire Digital Pressure Gauge Nb Wireless Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge

MD-S260 series wireless fire extinguisher digital pressure gauge is a battery-powered digital pressure gauge with wireless digital output. It can be equipped with GPRS or LORa-iot wireless communication mode, or lorawan, zigbee.

The built-in high-precision pressure sensor can accurately display the pressure in real time, and has the characteristics of high precision and good long-term stability.

This digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD liquid crystal display, built-in MCU, and low power consumption design.

The product adopts 304 stainless steel shell and joints, and has passed the intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification. It has good shock resistance and can measure gases, liquids, oils and other media that are not corrosive to stainless steel.

The product has practical functions, displays the current pressure in real time, the upload rate is adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours, and the alarm point can be preset. Once the alarm pressure is triggered, the alarm data will be uploaded in time.

Especially suitable for fire gas cylinders, hand-held fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, IG541 fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, inert gas, liquefied steel cylinders and other fields that require unattended and remote monitoring.



Fire cylinder

Handheld fire extinguisher

Dry powder fire extinguisher

IG541 fire extinguisher

Oxygen cylinder

Inert gas

Liquefaction cylinder

MD-S260G NB FIRE Digital Pressure Gauge (2)  MD-S260G NB FIRE Digital Pressure Gauge (3) MD-S260G NB FIRE Digital Pressure Gauge (3)


Specification of MD-S260G Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge:


Vacuum range:(0~-100)kPa
Conventional range: (0-160)kPa (0-250)kPa (0-400)kPa (0-600)kPa (0-1)MPa (0-1.6)MPa...(0-100)MPa
Micropressure: (0-5)kPa (0-10)kPa (0-25)kPa (0-50)kPa (0-100)kPa
Compound range:(-0.1~0.1)MPa (-0.1~0.25)MPa (-0.1~0.4)MPa (-0.1~0.6)MPa (-0.1~1.0)MPa (-0.1~2.5)MPa(-5-5)kPa (-10-10)kPa (-25-25)kPa (-50~50)kPa

Thread Connection

M20*1.5 G series NPT series or customized thread


0.5%FS 1%FS

Display digits

4-digit LCD display


white backlight


Diameter 60mm or customized according to customer requirements

powered by


Measuring medium

Water, oil and gas are non-corrosive media to stainless steel

battery replacement

Batteries are typically replaced every 12 months


1. Power on/off 2. One-key reset 3. Unit switching 4. Adjustable upload frequency 5. Product ID query 6. Upload data status query 7. Support OTA function.

message format

Event message Timing message Cumulative message

test temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity



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