Intelligent manhole cover monitor

Intelligent manhole cover monitor solution

1. Program introduction

In the intelligent manhole cover management system, the information collection module is installed at the bottom of the manhole cover. When the manhole cover is moved, the information collection module sends out an alarm message. The alarm message is uploaded to the data processing center through the data transmission module; the data processing center analyzes the code of the alarm message and obtains the coordinate position. Send specific information to the platform management center; the platform management center automatically finds out the relevant personnel responsible for the block from the background based on the coordinate position, and sends the specific information to the relevant personnel’s smart terminals; the relevant personnel verify the information and process it on site. Feedback the processing results to the platform management center; the platform management center classifies the alarm information based on the processing results, and closes the alarm if the problem is solved, otherwise notifies relevant personnel; the smart terminal scans the electronic label to obtain detailed information about the manhole cover, and contacts the property rights unit or maintenance of the manhole cover Units can reinstall manhole covers in the shortest time to ensure the safety of relevant public facilities to the greatest extent.


2. Advantages of smart manhole cover solution
The smart manhole cover monitoring and management system collects status information through the smart sensors of the smart manhole cover and transmits it back to the cloud platform management center. The system analyzes and provides early warning for the location information of the city manhole cover, abnormal loss, abnormal opening, damage and other status information. The smart manhole cover monitoring and management system monitors the status of manhole covers in real time, and advanced analysis algorithms ensure accurate judgment of the status of manhole covers. Monitor the underground water level in real time, and automatically send alarm information to the management center when the water level reaches the warning level.


1) Construct a comprehensive status awareness system for urban manhole cover resources. Through a variety of detection and collection methods, we can realize resource integration and information sharing, truly realize the integrated model of “unified platform, unified deployment, and unified management”, and establish an urban smart manhole cover management and service platform.
2) Construct a manhole cover resource distribution map. Through GIS maps, three-dimensional and other modes, all manhole cover facility resources and underground pipe network status in the city are intuitively and comprehensively displayed on a map, and basic information and distribution status are monitored in real time.
3) Realize intelligent monitoring and early warning. Strengthen the dynamic collection methods of underground water levels, establish and optimize flood prevention monitoring and early warning systems and empirical models, formulate emergency plans, clarify early warning levels and corresponding measures and disposal procedures, strive to improve the information management and control capabilities of municipal departments in responding to drainage and waterlogging incidents, and reduce the risk of waterlogging due to waterlogging. Loss of life and property caused by urban waterlogging and other problems.
4) Closely integrate the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology with manhole cover management to realize digitization of manhole covers, intelligent management, and simplified maintenance, bringing manhole cover management into the cloud era. Improve manhole cover management methods, change management methods, and change manhole cover management from passive management to active management, effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of manhole cover facility management, and reduce the harm caused by manhole cover problems.


Intelligent manhole cover monitor function


Manhole cover status monitoring function Monitor the status of the manhole cover in real time. Once the inclination, displacement, abnormal opening, etc. of the manhole cover occur, an alarm will be triggered and the processing mechanism will be started.
Monitor setting function Set the manhole cover status according to the actual deployment situation to prevent multiple false alarms.
Underground water overflow alarm function When the water level overflows the manhole cover, the alarm is triggered and the processing mechanism is started.
Sensor fault status function When a sensor fails, an alarm is triggered and a processing mechanism is initiated.
Battery voltage status function Monitor the real-time voltage status to ensure that the equipment is working normally. If the voltage is low, the monitor triggers an alarm and starts the processing mechanism.
Signal strength function Monitor the strength of underground transmission signals and generate specific signal values.


Technical indicators of intelligent manhole cover monitor

➣The advanced analysis algorithm ensures accurate judgment of the status of the manhole cover. When a large vehicle rolls over and causes the manhole cover to vibrate, the alarm will not be falsely triggered. The overall false alarm rate is less than 0.5%.
➣Low power consumption design. Under normal working conditions, status information (remaining voltage, device number, signal strength, etc.) is regularly sent to the background. It can be sent 2,000 times without replacing the battery, and the standby time is no less than 3 years.
➣Supports BLE Bluetooth communication and can configure parameters through the mobile phone applet.
➣Supports access to third-party manhole cover monitoring platforms or digital urban management platforms.
➣Support health self-diagnosis.
➣Can demonstrate alarm data and diagnose equipment status on-site.
➣Support NB-IoT low-power wide area network deployment.
➣Supports underground water overflow alarm. When the water level overflows, the alarm is triggered and the processing mechanism is started.
➣Appearance sealed, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, shock-resistant, waterproof grade IP68.
➣Working environment temperature -20℃~60℃.


Technical parameters of intelligent manhole cover monitor

NO name Specifications Remark
1 shell material nylon Strong plasticity and pressure resistance
2 Response time <3S  
3 Service life Data reporting should be no less than 2,000 times or the standby time should be no less than 3 years.  
4 Communication Interface NB-IOT  
5 Inclination measurement range 0°~180°  
6 Battery Lithium sub-battery3.6V 4000mAh  
7 Static power <0.5W  
8 Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃  
9 Protection level IP68  


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