Intelligent guarding helps build a comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform for urban safety risks

Intelligent protection of urban context

Ability to monitor    provide early warning    and respond quickly

Urban lifeline is a large-scale operating system that maintains urban survival functions and has a significant impact on people’s livelihood. It is the necessary infrastructure to maintain the normal operation of the city and meet the production and living needs of the people. It is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the city. Including: gas, water supply, drainage, heat, bridges, comprehensive pipe corridors, tunnels, rivers and lakes, etc. my country’s urbanization rate has reached 64.7%. Cities have become gathering places and high-incidence areas for overall and systemic risks, and urban security issues have become increasingly prominent. In order to ensure the safe operation of each system and the ability to respond to emergencies, real-time management and monitoring is crucial.

National and local policies are introduced to promote


At the end of 2023, the Office of the State Council Security Committee issued the “Guidelines for the Construction of a Comprehensive Monitoring and Early Warning Platform for Urban Safety Risks”, which clearly aims to fully build a comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform for urban safety risks that can “monitor, provide early warning, and quickly handle” and collect information. , situation analysis, risk prediction, major risk early warning and other functions into one; a monitoring network covering all areas and operating around the clock, “using indicators to measure, using standards to judge, and using technology to support” analysis and early warning capabilities have been significantly improved, and “online + online The efficiency of joint risk management will be more sensitive and efficient. Use social forces to actively explore an effective and effective urban safety risk monitoring and early warning system.

Local measures to promote urban lifelines:

The General Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government issued a notice on the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting Urban Safety Development” (Jingzhengbanfa [2019] No. 17), proposing to strengthen gas supply, power supply, heat supply, water supply, drainage, communications, transportation, etc. Safety monitoring in the field of urban operations and promoting the automation of early warning control of urban lifeline systems.

The Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued the “Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Urban Safety Risks” (Hu Fu Fa [2021] No. 3), requiring greater efforts in the full life cycle maintenance and management of urban lifeline system infrastructure and promoting infrastructure Database integration construction, strengthening the construction of safety facilities supporting municipal facilities.


The Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment issued a notice on the issuance of the “Zhejiang Province’s 14th Five-Year Plan for Addressing Climate Change” (Zhejiang Development and Reform Planning [2021] No. 215), requiring: Gradually improve power supply, drainage, gas, Construction and operation standards for urban lifeline systems such as communications ensure the smooth and safe operation of infrastructure under extreme weather and climate conditions.


Notice of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of the “Work Plan for the Safety Construction of Urban Lifeline Projects”, work objectives: take the safety construction of urban lifeline projects as the guide, highlight key points, implement step by step, adhere to unified standards, unified planning, unified supervision, and achieve comprehensive Perception, comprehensive access, comprehensive monitoring, and comprehensive early warning to create an integrated urban security risk perception system of “land, sea, air, space and ground”.


The Zhejiang Province Urban Lifeline Safety Project on-site meeting was held in Keqiao. Heads of relevant provincial and municipal departments and representatives of relevant units in the field of urban operation gathered together to discuss how to use digital means to early detect and manage hidden risks, and emphasized the concept of “civil defense” as the mainstay in the management process to effectively improve the city’s Security capabilities and safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property


Urban risk monitoring becomes smarter

Create a perception and monitoring system that highlights risks in the city

Risk monitoring focuses on each system sub-platform, conducts in-depth research on the main causes of risks and prevention and control methods, scientifically and objectively clarifies the types of risks, facilities, and places that need to be monitored, and comprehensively applies a variety of technical means, including gridding and the Internet of Things. Sensors, satellite remote sensing, public alarms, public opinion monitoring and analysis, etc., to comprehensively strengthen real-time monitoring of risk factors such as people, objects, and the environment.



1 城市生命线

Gas pipeline leakage and explosion risk monitoring and early warning

Aiming at the risk of gas leakage caused by aging or corrosion of underground gas pipelines, and spreading to adjacent spaces such as underground trenches and manholes, it will cause the risk of explosion. Mingkong sensor can monitor the pressure and flow of high-pressure, sub-high-pressure pipelines and medium and low-pressure pipelines in densely populated areas; monitor the gas concentration in the underground space adjacent to the pipeline, mainly including: gas valve wells, surrounding rainwater and sewage, Pipe trenches for electricity and communications.




AQ-2019 7 MD-S270 Explosion-proof Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge (2)




Building fire risk monitoring and fire protection monitoring

For large commercial complexes, high-rise buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, warehouses and other high-risk fire units, smoke detection, temperature detection, flame detection, electrical fire monitoring and other equipment are mainly used. At the same time, on the emergency fire side, the fire protection work policy of “prevention first, combining prevention and fire prevention” is adopted, and the principle of combining civil defense, physical defense and technical defense is adhered to to ensure fire safety. Mingkong Sensing monitors water pressure and liquid level in fire protection facilities and fire water systems in high-rise buildings. The high-rise smoke prevention and exhaust system performs wind differential pressure monitoring, and the facility and equipment room performs temperature and humidity, vibration, water immersion monitoring, and equipment status monitoring.




MD-S272无线数字压力表正面800×800 MD-S273


Urban floods (including flash floods, river and sea tides) and waterlogging risks

In response to the risk of urban waterlogging caused by factors such as heavy rainfall, continuous rainfall, insufficient storage space, and imperfect drainage facilities, Mingkong Sensing provides solutions. By monitoring the status of manhole covers, manhole liquid levels, and pipe network flow in real time, the data model can obtain The conclusions of pipe network siltation and pipe well overflow are obtained, and the data is uploaded to the drainage pipe network early warning system to help regulatory authorities grasp the operating status of the drainage pipe network in real time, quickly identify siltation pipe sections and overflow points, and effectively support the daily operation of the drainage pipe network. Maintenance work and flood drainage work reference.








Safety risk monitoring and early warning for enterprises involved in dust explosions

Construct an application monitoring and early warning system for key parts such as dust removal system safety equipment and facilities in dust explosion-related enterprises, as well as key links such as dust cleaning, to achieve real-time monitoring, dynamic early warning, intelligent research and judgment and timely disposal of safety production risks, and to continuously improve the safety management of dust explosion-related enterprises level of informatization and intelligence. For example, it is necessary to collect and access the sensing data of the dust removal system in real time, including the internal temperature of the dust collector hopper, the air pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, the air lock and dust discharge failure signal, as well as key data such as the water level of the wet dust collector water tank and the water flow rate of the water circulation pipeline. monitoring.





Full life cycle linkage and closed loop are more efficient

Based on the risk monitoring data, each system data is combined with the model algorithm analysis results to carry out cross-domain risk research and judgment, and analyze the probability, scope of impact, and consequences of accidents caused by over-limit situations; based on the results of the analysis and judgment, determine the risk warning level, Early warning push objects, disposal auxiliary decision-making, etc. can issue early warning information to the involved government departments, society, units or individuals at different levels. Based on the actual situation and feedback information during the early warning, equipment status and disposal process, the management conducts in-depth analysis and discussions to make decisions that respond quickly and compound long-term advantages. Early warning, disposal, and decision-making are linked to each other, forming a closed loop from problem discovery to problem solving, realizing intelligent management and control of equipment, systems, and even the entire environment, and together forming a complete risk management and decision support system

 In order to ensure the reliability of intelligent hardware access and the stability of perception monitoring. Mingkong Sensing develops a full life cycle DLM equipment health management cloud platform (Lazy Cat). Through this platform, personnel at all levels can view the health status of sensors in real time, which can protect the health of intelligent IoT sensing terminals and optimize equipment debugging and operation. Through the maintenance process, customers can greatly reduce equipment debugging and operation and maintenance costs, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the equipment.


Meokon is an IoT sensing terminal provider with sensing technology as its core. It has hundreds of smart terminals to respond to the perception and monitoring of various risk points, realize comprehensive perception, automatic collection, monitoring and analysis, and early warning reporting of urban infrastructure lifeline operation data, and facilitate the integration of urban infrastructure supervision information systems and “one network unified management” construction.

Mingkong Sensing has been developing for more than ten years and has always created first-class digital instrumentation and IoT terminal solutions for users’ environmental monitoring, digital management, and industrial automation; providing a full life cycle management platform and equipment operation based on wireless smart terminals Management services.

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