Innovation is an attitude, thumbs up for MEOKON Technical Engineer YongXu

MEOKON is an instrument manufacturer and IoT sensing solution provider based on digital sensing technology. Meokon firmly believes that as a smart sensor company with independent intellectual property rights, continuous innovation is always the “rudder” for the company’s long-term development.


In June 2024, an invention patent for an electronic circuit board cleaning system and method (Patent No.: ZL2023 10354664.7) was authorized. Through this innovative system approach, the quality of the core components in the product is guaranteed, thereby improving the yield rate. At the same time, this method is simple and efficient, reducing the investment in cleaning manpower and improving the efficiency of the operation. MEOKON strongly commended and rewarded the head of the engineering technology department and inventor: Yong Xu, and announced the praise throughout the company. This encouraged every partner of MEOKON to break the rules and be brave in their positions. Innovation!

Yong Xu, Engineering Department Manager of the Technology Center, is mainly responsible for organizing and coordinating the installation, debugging and startup of operating equipment, ensuring the stable operation of the system, promoting production line automation, and improving production efficiency; conducting risk assessments on products, and solving or improving problems in the production process Difficulties and pain points encountered to ensure product reliability and stability.

Continuous innovation is not just the launch of new products or services, it is a culture that goes deep into the marrow of the enterprise, and an attitude that constantly seeks improvement, breaks through the status quo, and creates new value.




Innovation is like an engine, driving the rapid development of enterprises. Since its establishment, Meokon has been focusing on investment in technology research and development, actively carrying out technological innovation work, constantly improving the intellectual property protection system, and giving full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights. Currently, the company has obtained more than 60 invention, utility model and appearance patents. 24 software copyrights. The products have also passed more than 50 authoritative certifications such as CE certification, CPA certification, RoHS certification, and Ex explosion-proof.


In a rapidly changing market environment, the only constant is the change itself. We have integrated continuous innovation into every aspect of daily operations, so that Mingkong Sensing can maintain market competitiveness and adapt to the evolution of customer needs.





Post time: Jun-17-2024