How Does a Wireless(Bluetooth) Pressure Transmitter Work?

MD-G501  series ultra-small wireless Bluetooth pressure sensor adopts ultra-low power Bluetooth transmission module, with high precision pressure sensor and digital conditioning circuit, compact size, easy to use, easy to install and debug on site.

Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitter  MD-G501 2

This wireless Bluetooth pressure sensor from MEOKON is small but powerful. Spot inconvenient wiring pressure monitoring occasions, it is absolutely preferred! Support a variety of adaptation methods, with unit switch, high and low alarm and wave alarm threshold Settings, Bluetooth transmission, support mobile phone to view data.

Scope of application

This wireless Bluetooth pressure sensor can be used in model test/wind tunnel test, hydraulic equipment, petrochemical, automatic production line and water pipe network applications.

Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitter  3

Technical characteristics

1.Compact size, maximum height 82.5mm

2.Bluetooth transmission, up to 20 meters (no cover distance)

3.Multiple functions: unit switching, zero clearing, adjustable sampling rate

4.Lithium battery power supply, up to 12 months, easy to replace

5.Data view and EXCEL data export function

6.Supports Bluetooth configuration and remote parameter configuration with Bluetooth gateway, reducing maintenance costs

Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitter  .Features 4

Product advantage

The wireless Bluetooth pressure sensor supports mobile phone viewing data and data export in EXCEL. You can search for "Wireless Sensor" in the wechat mini program and connect to the sensor using your phone's Bluetooth to view data and parameter Settings from a close range. It can also be equipped with Bluetooth gateway, through which 4G transmission to the cloud; Or Ethernet transmission to the local server, or through RS485 transmission to PLC and so on.

1.Bluetooth sensor + APP(phone)+Phone(view data)

MD-G501 Bluetooth Pressure Sesnor 6 MD-G501 Bluetooth Pressure Sesnor 5

2.Bluetooth sensor + gateway + ethernet + cloud (public cloud: Amazon or Microsoft) + local server++ computer ( view data)  MD-G501 Bluetooth Pressure Sesnor 8

3. Bluetooth sensor + Bluetooth adapter (dongle) + computer ( view data). dongle

Post time: Dec-30-2022