Gas leak? Don’t be afraid, smart monitoring makes danger nowhere to hide!

As the main fuel in the city, gas is distributed throughout the entire urban area. Its safe operation is directly related to the life safety of residents and must not be ignored.



In recent years, coal poisoning and explosion accidents have occurred frequently across our country. In daily life, gas leakage, poisoning and casualties caused by improper use of fuel are even more common. The State Council Safety Committee has put forward clear requirements for gas safety management: “Promote the establishment of a gas-related urban lifeline monitoring system; promote the comprehensive statistics of production and business units such as markets and restaurants that use gas in all regions, and install gas leakage alarms as soon as possible. Devices etc.


Common gas safety hazards:

1. Improper use of gas appliances and aging or damaged pipelines.

2. Gas leakage was not detected and dealt with in time, resulting in fire.

3. When using a gas stove, you forget to turn off the gas source switch or operate it incorrectly.

4. Gas leakage caused by gas pipeline rupture or other accidents.

5. The gas tank is too full or the liquid level is too high, causing an explosion accident.


How to do gas scene safety monitoring?

Gas scene safety monitoring aims to prevent safety accidents such as fires and explosions caused by gas leaks and ensure the safety of life and property.

When gas leaks occur, the combustible gas detector set up on site will emit an audible and visual alarm, and the alarm information will be sent to the user monitoring platform, and the location of the combustible gas detector will be displayed in a timely manner, warning managers to take immediate measures. When necessary, linkage control and disconnect the gas valve to prevent further gas leakage.


Where is gas safety monitoring used?

01 Nine small dining venues

Small catering establishments can be called the “number one killer” of gas leaks and explosions. Mingkong sensor can help users monitor the gas concentration in the gas consumption site in real time. Once a leak occurs, it will send out a triple alarm with sound and light, control the solenoid valve to close, and at the same time send the alarm information to the user for timely processing, realizing remote management and control of equipment operation. control.




➤ Explosion-proof level meets: Exdbib IICT6 Gb standard Extb IIICT80℃ Db standard

➤ Shell protection grade: IP66

➤ Triple alarm with sound and light, real-time display of numerical value and equipment status

➤ 4-20mA standard signal output, relay output, RS485 communication optional

➤ Support wireless 4G full network communication

➤ Local Bluetooth/remote platform parameter configuration

➤ Modular design for easy wiring and maintenance


02 Gas Station

By installing wireless pressure sensors, Mingkong Sensing helps gas stations monitor the pressure value of gas pipelines in real time to ensure that the pressure during gas transportation meets safety standards. When the pressure is abnormal, an alarm is issued to help determine whether gas leaks or other abnormalities occur. 




➤ Has IP68 protection level and ExibIIBT4 Gb explosion-proof level

➤ 4G/LoRa/LoRaWAN/NB-iot multiple wireless transmission methods

➤ Low power consumption design, powered by lithium battery, long battery life

➤ Standard battery power supply, optional battery and power supply dual power supply mode

➤ Explosion-proof cast aluminum shell and 304 stainless steel joints are suitable for harsh outdoor working conditions


03 Large comprehensive park

In scenarios with many points such as large comprehensive parks and dense residential areas, traditional manual inspections require a greater workload and have problems such as low meter reading efficiency and inaccurate data recording. By deploying Mingkong wireless data monitors, meters can be read remotely, total metering can be performed, and the total amount of gas entering the urban pipe network can be counted. Improve the accuracy of pipeline inspections and reduce risks caused by human errors.




➤ IP65 protection of the whole machine, ExibIIBT4 Gb explosion-proof level

➤ 4G/NB communication, data collection and equipment status reporting

➤ Support remote transmission parameter setting

➤ Low-power Bluetooth, supports Bluetooth debugging and Bluetooth positioning

➤ Equipped with RS485 interface and pulse interface, supporting access to a variety of flow meters and valve controllers


MEOKON helps urban multi-scenario safety monitoring


MEOKON not only has gas safety monitoring solutions and products, but also provides a series of “water, wind, and gas” safety monitoring solutions for different scenarios in smart fire protection, smart water affairs, building parks, and digital factories to help users select and Its adaptable scenario solutions and various types of wireless intelligent terminals help improve the city’s safety monitoring level and promote the intelligence and refinement of urban management.

Post time: Jun-17-2024